Looking for inspiration is not hard when coasting through a life of rural landscapes, workers arms and endless sunshine and sunsets. We choose to do in life what is best for us and for me, E-bike Transylvania nails it!

The main question that rises in my head is why ebikes?

We live in a world of infinite choices. I grew up with a brother, in a house where you could smell competition from the hallway. Going full speed in all the aspects of life is a reflection of the Cosmos, where we all fight to get the most in the very moment of the day. We strive, we hustle, we rush into. We desire more than we ever did before because we know it is possible. We set up targets and promotions so we can consume everything under the sign of ticking clocks, like our lives have a speed display so we know when to go faster or stay under the imposed limit.

Riding a bike is usually faster than driving nowadays especially in the city, but have you ever tried riding an ebike? The feeling of getting places with assistance is envied and trivial for many but we are still not harming the environment, maybe just the ego of some people that are to conformist to understand and accept evolution.

Riding an ebike on the mountain trails is surely a game changer as to how fast you are riding and how much faster you are getting to the trail head. The biggest benefit is the extra time spent on the trails, which is always more fun and more training for your legs..

The other question is why Transylvania?

We live in a world of infinite choices. I spent most of my life looking for peaceful moments, that type of gratified Instagram sunsets and perfect snapshots, just that I never really liked crowded places. I have experienced a plethora of quiet, meditative states while exploring the woods on my own when most of the action is spent inside my mind, where bushes are startling and I get chills on my back, and where falling acorns or leaves turn into the sound of moving wildlife hoards. Nowadays spending my days in a village like Mercheasa, where no more than 400 hearts beat in the same time gathered around in a quiet Transylvanian valley, makes more sense than ever.

Combining the e-bike phenomenon, where one can accomplish more, adding that to Transylvania, a place where people have to live for a while for an adequate comprehension, results in a mix of yin and yang. You get more, in a place that is best described as less. 

At the very moment I understand the best of both worlds, the need to be present but also the need to get there fast. Therefore Ebike Transylvania. Where less is more, or more is less (cannot decide which one sounds better)

Read about our tours with the E- Bike Transylvania Tours and decide which Transylvanian bike tour suits you best.

Drop us an e-mail at ride@ebiketransylvania.com.

Ride on!

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