Bike Protection
Bike Protection

Clothing.Think comfortable When riding your bike the main focus should be on making your ride more enjoyable and comfortable. Your clothing should match first of all the activity and then the weather. The right choice in clothing can make the difference between a cool, dry, enjoyable ride or ending up in discomfort. Dry. Breathable. Flexible. […]

Ebike Transylvania is currently using ebikes from the german producer Ghost. Our fleet consists of different models starting with the Ghost Teru 7: The motor delivers what the looks promise: The proven performance motor from Bosch gives lightweight, sporty e-hardtail TERU a lot of rich propulsion. This can be felt uphill! The well-balanced geometry ensures […]

A short legend Some say Mercheasa was not chosen randomly by the mighty oaks to grow here. Legends talk about a moment in history when giants used to roam free in these lands, hidden from the human eye. There were not that many people around also, back in the days when forests used to spread […]

Looking for inspiration is not hard when coasting through a life of rural landscapes, workers arms and endless sunshine and sunsets. We choose to do in life what is best for us and for me, E-bike Transylvania nails it!

Mercheasa Archived information given to us by a former saxon inhabitant tell us about the early history of the village. The story of Mercheasa goes back to the 12th century, with a small gathering of people that formed a horse market town. The archives even give us clues to the founder of the small town, […]

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