Clothing.Think comfortable

When riding your bike the main focus should be on making your ride more enjoyable and comfortable. Your clothing should match first of all the activity and then the weather. The right choice in clothing can make the difference between a cool, dry, enjoyable ride or ending up in discomfort.

Dry. Breathable. Flexible. All these can be found with a Lycra jersey , which is breathable and will dry really fast in case of sweat or rain. Think short sleeve for suntanning or a better option, long sleeve; this will protect your skin from UV rays, mud and water but also from branches, scratches etc. They are also made to be really flexible and some specifically-designed jerseys will have a great body-fit with a longer cut on the backside for extra-protection when going downhill.

Short pants. Baggy riding pants are preferred since they are made to offer more flexibility and they are more durable. Also, using your knee pads it’s easier with riding pants since they have some extra space in the knee-area and a more durable cut. If weather is cooler or if you like the long trousers better, wear ones that can fit the knee-pads under them. A pair of padded pants is the best option since they offer the most comfortable riding experience, they reduce friction and prevent chafing. They are also knows as chamois pads and can be bought separate or as a whole with the shorts.

Shoes. Maybe one of the most important aspect in optimizing your emountainbike riding experience is to wear the proper shoes. They can assist grip, protection and pedaling ability. A specific mountain-bike flat-sole shoe has the best hard-rubber construction that will grip on our metal pedals through the pedal-pins. Flat-pedals bike oriented shoes are best since they offer the best protection and grip while on the bike.

Rain coat. Transylvanian summer rains are always unpredictable and it is best to come prepared. The best option is a lightweight wind-jacket that can fit in your back pocket or in the rucksack.

Socks. Protect your shins and calves from any scratches from the undergrowth or in case you happen to experience a pedal strike. S

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Ebike Transylvania is currently using ebikes from the german producer Ghost. Our fleet consists of different models starting with the Ghost Teru 7:

The motor delivers what the looks promise: The proven performance motor from Bosch gives lightweight, sporty e-hardtail TERU a lot of rich propulsion. This can be felt uphill! The well-balanced geometry ensures lively handling, great riding comfort, and confidence-inspiring directional stability. With 120mm travel, the TERU is also great for riding on rough terrain!

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A short legend

Some say Mercheasa was not chosen randomly by the mighty oaks to grow here. Legends talk about a moment in history when giants used to roam free in these lands, hidden from the human eye. There were not that many people around also, back in the days when forests used to spread from shore to shore on the European continent. One day a giant that was passing through the village of Mirkavasar, came through at night and tripped over the bell tower, spilling some of its special giant seeds on the surrounding pasture. Eventually the seeds would grow and capture the essence of these lands, they will see the rise and the fall of empires, they will listen to people stories quietly, and lather on they will become the old oaks that they are today, inspiring me to envision their story, and try to come up with a make-shit legend.

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Looking for inspiration is not hard when coasting through a life of rural landscapes, workers arms and endless sunshine and sunsets. We choose to do in life what is best for us and for me, E-bike Transylvania nails it!

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Archived information given to us by a former saxon inhabitant tell us about the early history of the village. The story of Mercheasa goes back to the 12th century, with a small gathering of people that formed a horse market town. The archives even give us clues to the founder of the small town, the name of Mercheasa comes from the original Mirkvasar.

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