Hungarian Heritage Tour

Our hungarian spiced tour designed to offer a mellow riding day while discovering the cultural aspect of living in Transylvania.


  • Carpathian Elder
  • Ancient Oak Pasture
  • Wild Animal Farm
  • Jimbor Peasant Fortress
  • Local Artist

  • 1 day
  • 40km
  • 800 m
  • Level

Our hungarian spiced tour is one not to be missed by the gourmands and the leisurely travellers. We start in the village of Mercheasa and meet the Carpathian Elder, a 930 years old oak tree, traveller in time. The entire ancient wood pasture summons hundreds of old oaks, and we will ride some of it until we pass the former borderline between Romania and Hungary. Officially in the county of Brasov, but caught in between two different ethnical influences, the Village of Jimbor is strictly hungarian speaking.In our stops here we will learn more about their lifestyle and also enjoy some of their tasty dishes. The hungarian lunch is served almost entirely out of locally sourced food, on the plains of a local animal farm. A cultural encounter will take part in the village of Jimbor at a local woodpainter, continuing with fortified churches, beautifully decorated houses and the local Peasant Fortress. The trail continues over the hills through the beech forests and reaches a high top, next to a renowned apple orchard. The view will only be outclassed by the ride down to the village of Mercheasa.

Start in: Mercheasa.

Tour available: all year round, depending on the weather.

Number of riders: 2 to 7 (Contact us for details).

Tour includes

Emountainbike rental  | MTB  equipment: Helmet, pads and gloves | GPS Track | Repair kit & technical assistance |

Extra services : Traditional Lunch and MIAS certified MTB Leader* additional costs