The UNESCO Tour is centered on the highlights of the Transylvanian Heritage, linked together through some amazing forest trails.


  • Viscri Fortified Church
  • Saschiz Fortified Church
  • Saschiz Peasant Fortress
  • Mesendorf Fortified Church

  • 1 day
  • 80km
  • 1200 m
  • Level 

UNESCO Tour takes place in the renowned region of Viscri with its adjacent UNESCO heritage sites, the Viscri fortified church and the Saschiz fortified church. The sites are connected to each other through the genuinely built cross-country trails. The trails are designed for the beginner riders, for families and can be ridden by virtually anybody that can ride a bike fro more than a couple of hours.

The UNESCO has two days, but you can choose to ride just one out of the two. If you choose both of the days, you have to pay twice the renting price.

The first day of choice is a 50km ride to Viscri through some of the former Saxon villages and in order to connect the forest trails we will visit Crit, Mesendorf and Bunesti. The electrical assistance from an ebike will make you enjoy the Transylvanian ancient forests without feeling the effort. Tour departs after you morning coffee and heads into the beech forests. During our day the tour we will take brakes to enjoy the view and visit the local fortified church. Lunch will be served in Viscri, at a traditional house. and returning to the accommodation we will discover how peaceful the Transylvanian meadows can be.

Second day of choice takes us to Saschiz, on the marked trails. We will be riding our ebikes for around 25km, an easier route than the previous day. The first stop is at the hilltop of Daia, where we can admire the beautiful clock tower and the Transylvanian Highlands. As we will get closer to Saschiz we will enter the former Peasant Fortress, built around the 13th century. Its old walls and impressive fortification system are granted to give you an idea of harsh medieval history. Descend into the village to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saschiz, where the bell tower and the church are separated from one another. Choose from a variety of places to have lunch and ride back home with plenty of memories from this day.

Start at: your location choice.

Tour available: all year round, depending on the weather.

Number of riders: 2 to 7 (Contact us for details).

Tour includes

Ebike rental | MTB guide | Protection equipment