Wildlife Tour

Only for the adventure savy, our wildlife tour will make you want to move here. Discover something unexpected at every corner, get amazed by the natural wonders.


  • Panoramic views
  • Wildlife
  • Dopca Gorge
  • Local Cabin in the Woods

  • 1 day
  • 30km
  • 400 m
  • Level 

Start your wildlife ebike tour in the outskirts of Dopca village. Entering the limestone maze we will find an authentic home for the wild boar, the bear and the other mammals characteristic to the area. Pedal your way through a limestone maze and admire the shapes sculpted in time. Reach the highest point of the day for a clear view over the Bogata Forest and Persani Mountains. Ride town towards another route in Dopca Gorge and do a stop at the local cabin in the woods. Take plenty of photos of the natural gorge and enjoy the view of a beautiful waterfall. The tour returns through the gorge to the departing point.

Start in: Bogata Olteana.

Tour available: all year round, depending on the weather.

Number of riders: 2 to 7 (Contact us for details).

Tour includes

Emountainbike rental  | MTB  equipment: Helmet, pads  | GPS Track | Repair kit & technical assistance |

Extra services : Traditional Lunch and MIAS certified MTB Leader* additional costs