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Clothing.Think comfortable

When riding your bike the main focus should be on making your ride more enjoyable and comfortable. Your clothing should match first of all the activity and then the weather. The right choice in clothing can make the difference between a cool, dry, enjoyable ride or ending up in discomfort.

Dry. Breathable. Flexible. All these can be found with a Lycra jersey , which is breathable and will dry really fast in case of sweat or rain. Think short sleeve for suntanning or a better option, long sleeve; this will protect your skin from UV rays, mud and water but also from branches, scratches etc. They are also made to be really flexible and some specifically-designed jerseys will have a great body-fit with a longer cut on the backside for extra-protection when going downhill.

Short pants. Baggy riding pants are preferred since they are made to offer more flexibility and they are more durable. Also, using your knee pads it’s easier with riding pants since they have some extra space in the knee-area and a more durable cut. If weather is cooler or if you like the long trousers better, wear ones that can fit the knee-pads under them. A pair of padded pants is the best option since they offer the most comfortable riding experience, they reduce friction and prevent chafing. They are also knows as chamois pads and can be bought separate or as a whole with the shorts.

Shoes. Maybe one of the most important aspect in optimizing your emountainbike riding experience is to wear the proper shoes. They can assist grip, protection and pedaling ability. A specific mountain-bike flat-sole shoe has the best hard-rubber construction that will grip on our metal pedals through the pedal-pins. Flat-pedals bike oriented shoes are best since they offer the best protection and grip while on the bike.

Rain coat. Transylvanian summer rains are always unpredictable and it is best to come prepared. The best option is a lightweight wind-jacket that can fit in your back pocket or in the rucksack.

Socks. Protect your shins and calves from any scratches from the undergrowth or in case you happen to experience a pedal strike. S

Gear. Think protection

Any bike-specific or outdoor oriented activity involves necessary protection equipment. These are usually just a case of precaution but in case of a fall they will save your skin. Most of the equipment is provided when booking with Ebike Transylvania but if you have your own equipment feel free to use it on the day of the tour.

A helmet is the most essential piece of kit for mountain bikers. Going off-road increases the chances of slipping or crashing since the ground is uneven. Nowadays the technology is aimed to enhance protection and helmets will have an integrated peak that hold sun rays away and any low-hanging branches. Also, helmets tend to sit lower around the back and the sides of the head for better protection. We will provide you with different sized Venture, Bell and Smith helmets. Any car-ride requires a seat-belt, we like to think about the helmet as our seat-belt.

Different colors and sizes Shift full finger gloves are provided for the tour. Full finger gloves add the extra comfort on the rides and will keep your hands from slipping off your handlebars when you get sweaty hands. In case of fall, your hands will hit the ground first and some little protection is an advantage. Also, they provide protection from the natural elements such as rain, wind or any tree branches you may encounter on your ride.

Comfortable and durable sleeve-type Alpinestars knee and elbow pads make up the rest of the equipment. Mountain-biking is a sport that involves certain risks that are best to be evened out by using the right protection equipment. Even though the terrain we will be riding is mostly fire roads, hills and forests we will go the extra mile to ensure that even if you take a minor fall, you are safe from scratches, bruises etc.

Sunglasses and sunscreen should be worn during our summer tours.
A personalized neck-warmer is available for purchase at the location.

Bring a rucsack for the tour.

You should carry in it your own water bottle and your personal belonging. A really good option is a hydration pack that will offer you access to water during your ride. The nowadays technology offers a nice fit on the back, with some protection in case of a fall or extended padding in some downhill oriented packs. Also they come in small sizes with plenty of pockets and compartments to store your personal belongings: your phone, your wallet, your tasty snacks, your light-weight jacket, your sunscreen or bug spray.

Also, we recommend setting up a small first-aid kit. In our rides the guide will always carry this with him plus the necessary tools for repairs and flat tires.

We can provide you with filtered water.

We can borrow you a regular rucksack for the tour if you don’t have one.

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Ride on!

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